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We know that choosing to live anywhere but your own home may be challenging. That is why we do our best to provide the independence and dignity each individual wants and deserves. We are not an institution. Hyalite Care does what we can to make the experience personal.
Hyalite Country Care is 10 years old! Hyalite Care Assisted Living located on South 3rd and Nash started with the fight to beat the economic downturn the United Sates was experiencing in 2009. With a little experience and family background in the industry, the Bunns and their two small children turned 3500 square feet of their 6400 square foot home into an Assisted Living facility for the elderly in April of 2010. Because of the regulations, they were only able to open for 4 residents. Immediately they started work on building a new septic, and later that summer were able to turn the six bedrooms into an 8-bed facility. Initially, LeAnn was required to work literally 24/7 with few breaks given by Nick and her mother to go to bible study, church and go get groceries. “I often felt overwhelmed but just remembered trying to imagine putting horse blinders on a keep moving forward. I could’t afford to worry about anything and just moved forward.” That focus is what kept the decision to start the facility in February of 2010 and opening just 2 months later on April 1st.

The Bunns soon realized that even with more residents, having a more controlled and normal life would not be possible without expanding. They decided to build a new addition and it was finished in August of 2016. They enjoyed wider hallways, a walk-in tub/shower and a beautiful deck
with some of the most spectacular views of the Bridger Mountains and hill circling Bozeman. Slowly but surely the facility was able to make upgrades to the landscape and make it be fully enjoyable. It was a challenge but a natural fit for LeAnn who loved to care for and serve other. Being able to start small allowed the Bunns to adjust to a new way of life and the residents to enjoy the family experience and love and that has been central to the success of Hyalite Country Care. Our mission statement is “Providing Optimal Care in a loving environment”. Each person has individual needs and the Loving Hyalite staff does what they can to meet those needs. Their activities cater to the resident’s interests. The residents enjoy regular visits from the Audubon society, a professional musician, gardening and sometimes they do their exercise classes out int the fresh air. Some may want to enjoy Bingo, painting, ballon ball, music, games and always celebrate holidays in a way that is specialized and loving. Although, the favorite party is always the Hyalite Olympics celebrated in July which specializes in the residents pinning the tail on a real Donkey, wheel chair races, and a BBQ.